Jan Heise Design

3m Rowing Boat

They are the plans of rowing boat made of plywood. This boat is designed for the amateur building and the project includes all necessary drawings (longitudinal sections, transverse sections, body lines, jig construction), step by step building description and material specification. Plans and remaining documents are made in the Polish or English language version.

Main particulars: length 3m; breadth 1,25m; weight 58kg. This boat is designed for 2 persons and may be used for pleasure sailing and fishing as well. She is equipped in fore deck which is helpful to store things in case of rain. She has 2 thwarts – one on the midship and one on the aft.

The cost of building amounts to 120 EURO (without the oars – the design of oars is included in plans).

The plans can be purchased at the following services: