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About Us

I graduated the Technical University of Gdańsk and was awarded M. Sc. Degree as Naval Architect and Eng. Technology of Shipbuilding. My career began in the year 2000 at “Choren Design & Consulting” designing office where, among others, the biggest sailing ship in the word - Royal Clipper was designed. I was employed there as ship designer up to 2009. During that time I took part in several different projects like designing the ships, designing the equipment, strength calculations of the masts and rigging for a number of sailing ships and preparing the working documentation for all spars, survey and repairing works on the biggest sailing ships.

In the year 2009 I set up my own designing office. I decided to focus my effort on the subject concerned with sailing ships. Almost 10 years of experience in this area let me take a leader place in the all aspects of the masts and rigging – designing and inspection. More information you can find in the part “Services”.

As a designing office we are offering the designing support during the different projects. The 3D tools like ORCA, RHINO and 2D like AutoCAD let us meet most requirements of the designing process. Also the FEM software like CALCULIX gives us the opportunity to carry out complete calculations of the masts and rigging strength.

Moreover, we are offering the projects and delivery of the deck equipment for sailing ships. More information you can find at “Product” part.

Jan Heise M. Sc. Eng. N.A.