Jan Heise Design

Masts and rigging adjustment

In the past the masts and rigging adjustments were carried out by professional riggers and based on their good practice and sensible eyes and hands.

Currently we have at our disposal more precise and reliable instruments. They enable us to receive every time consistent results and record the magnitudes which are not visible to naked eye.

During our work we use electronic and mechanical instruments of my own design which allow us to measure forces acting in the wire ropes of standing rigging. Furthermore, computer program simultaneously verifies the rectilinearity of the masts, which gives us a clear view of the whole situation. We apply three independent methods: photometric method to check the masts rectilinearity, dynamometric and vibrate methods to check the preliminary tension.

This set of instruments allow us to recognize the potential problems with the masts, solve them and apply proper preliminary tension to the standing rigging.

The final part of our work is preparing the technical report which includes information about the applied preliminary tensions and their deviations from the optimal value. Besides we present drawings with masts’ deflections expressed in the deformed scales and, finally, our conclusions.