Jan Heise Design

Rigging Inspections

During recent years we have had a pleasure to visit different remote parts of the world in order to carry out the technical inspections of the masts and rigging. The sailing ships on which we were doing that where under normal operation and with passengers onboard.

In our work we check the whole spars and rigging (standing and running) condition and classify all its components in the 4 degree scale (from ā€œAā€ to ā€œDā€). All places which are incorrect (with regards to its construction or its condition) are photographed and described in a report with proper recommendation.

The final part of our work is preparing the technical report which includes tables describing condition of every rigging component, pictures which show all incorrect places and, finally, our notes and recommendations. In the scope of this service we can check the rectilinearity of the masts and the remaining spars and compare it with the allowable deviations.